Sir Ken Robinson reply

The Sir Ken Robinson video left me with more questions than answers.  I agree with him on everything that he states but there are no answers given as to how we can change things.  There is never going to be a revolutionary change in how students are arranged when they go to school or play an athletics so that point becomes moot.

The question of the ADHD epidemic is one that has been questioned before, and can be extrapolated to different problems that have grown in the 20th and 21st centuries such as the prevalence of Austim in the last 50 years.  I agree that children live in the most stimulating era and some behaviour issues have come out because of the abundance of stimulation.  Do I agree fully that every piece of technology should be brought into the classroom? 


There has to be a happy medium for both students and teachers.


One thought on “Sir Ken Robinson reply

  1. Yes Sir Ken..he is quite the guy…I guess with that piece I like thinking with it because I always want to know about where curriculum comes from…what shapes it…what shapes schools the system the organization…the way classes run…why do we take the summer off? Why are classes 60 minutes or 80 minutes….who designed this. I like thinking about disruptions…I like disrupting my own thinking…provoking thought because it helps me create…shape…the teachings that i teach. I like looking backwards so I can look forward…if you know what I mean…it relates to my practice because I am constantly thinking about who i am becoming as a teacher and person..
    great post!!!

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